Sumba Nautil Resort
desa Patiala Bawa
Kacamatan Lamboya
Sumba Barat, NTT
Phone France :
(33) 228 11 40 56
(33) 647 86 94 35
Cellular Indonesia :
(62) 813 39 55 86 52
(62) 813 37 47 16 70
Email :

Sumba Map

Sumba island covers an area of 11,150 square km which is now populated by about 600,000 people. Generally the climate similar to other part of Indonesia Nevertheless the rainy season (December to March) is not so heavy as most part of Indonesia.

The island of Sumba is well known of its sandlewood, horses, impressive megalithic tombs,authentic villages like in former times, typical hand woven textile ("ikat"), and still untouched beautiful beaches. Hotel Sumba Nautil Resort is located on south coast , facing immence Indian Ocean

GPS : S 09. 44' 994'' E 119. 19' 255'', in Lamboya aera .

You will be directly at heast of the most traditional zone for Marapu belief . Roads are good comparing to others island of NTT; most are scenic roads and the landscape are various so you are never bored travelling through them.

There are two enterance point to Sumba island: Tambolaka airport or Waikelo harbour in West Sumba. Waingapu in East Sumba ( airport & harbour )